Allowing Our Hearts to Breath

Tried and True Ways to Up Your Casual Style

I had no clue how to dress for my new body type or my new SAHM lifestyle. Thankfully, I got smart and was able to up my casual style with confidence boosting outfits that I actually l love to wear. Here’s how I did it:

At Home Date Night Ideas

Not only is it important to spend time alone with the love of your life, it’s also a lot of fun. Date night is a great way to get away from the madness of life just to be together. Now that we’re all staying home a lot more I’ve gotten creative with our at home date night ideas. Here are few of my favorites.

The Purpose of a Misfit- A Devotional

I DON’T FIT IN.  Those were the words that inundated me for most of my youth. I was too “American” to be Puerto Rican and too “Puerto Rican” to be American. It was said I was too small to be strong. I was not pretty enough, too pretty to be smart, not smart enough and […]

What God is Teaching Me- A Devotional

Like a wise father and patient teacher God is teaching me to live one day at a time. He’s teaching me that perfection is not real. That cynicism can ruin genuine meaningful relationships. He’s teaching me that vulnerability is not a weakness and that being yourself is the best gift you can give to yourself and others.

Summer Coconut Milk Slush Recipe

This has been a popular summer treat in our house for many years. It’s so easy to make and your whole family will love it. Here it is the creamiest, most refreshing coconut milk slush you will ever taste.

6 Easy Self-Care Habits You Can Start Doing Today

There you have it, 6 easy self-care habits to help you start or improve your self-care routine. This list was intentionally created to be as doable as possible because ain’t nobody got time to add more things to their already busy schedules and long to do lists. You can totally start with one and then slowly add more if you’d like. Your body will thank you for it.

Having A Cut Throat & Fierce Mindset

You guys this woman was fierce and I’ve decided I want to be just like her when I grow up. I don’t literally want to drive a peg through anyone’s skull but I do want to handle my troubles, hardship and obstacles that way.

Eliminating the Entryway Dumping Ground

You get home exhausted after a long hard day. Then you fling your shoes across the room and swear you’ll never where them again. You proceed to dump your purse, keys, phone, lunch bag, groceries or whatever else you might have lugged out of your car on to the nearest chair. I know because I’ve […]

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