Tried and True Ways to Up Your Casual Style

As a stay at home mom my style is definitely casual on most days. I like to be comfortable as I run errands, buy groceries, take my kid to the park etc. When I first became a stay at home mom I struggled to lose the baby weight and none of my pre-baby clothes fit me, especially up top. To make matters worse my wardrobe consisted mostly of boring business casual attire. Sure, I had a few tee shirts and stretchy pants that I managed to squeeze into but the struggle was real. I had no clue how to dress for my new body type or my new SAHM lifestyle. Thankfully, I got smart and was able to up my casual style with confidence boosting outfits that I actually l love to wear. Here’s how I did it:

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I chose quality over quantity.

I remember how good it felt to fill my shopping cart with tons of cute trendy clothes that cost $12.99 or less but, let’s be real, most of it didn’t make it past the 2nd wash cycle. By choosing quality items that have been stitched with care and made of excellent quality materials I’m actually making a savvy decision that will save me money in the long run. In my experience quality clothing usually looks and wears better than lower quality ones. For example stitched leather shoes will look better and last longer than all man made materials.

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I realized it’s all about the fit.

I’m only 5’2 on a good day so I always have trouble finding pants that actually fit me length wise. If I buy regular they bunch up at the ankles and I hate that. I search high and low until I find petite pants because I know it will be worth it. By making sure that my clothing fits well I end up with a customized look that only a good fit can accomplish. Here’s a tip: a hand held sewing machine is great for taking in excess fabric or hemming the bottom of skirts, dresses or pants.

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I acquired all of my wardrobe must haves.

I can’t tell you how easy it is to get dress now that I have my core pieces to mix and match as I please. Of course your core pieces will be different from mine but these items are what enable me to get dressed in less than 20 minutes.

  1. Black and White cotton tees/camisoles
  2. White cotton button down blouse
  3. Dark wash fitted jeans
  4. Black jeans or pants
  5. A wrap dress (A cotton/polyester blend is easy to wear and practically wrinkle free.)
  6. Nude kitten heels
  7. Black wedges and or flats
  8. Solid colored blazer
  9. Denim Jacket
  10. Vibrant lipstick

I kept my essentials neutral.

If I know I going to use something a lot I make sure to keep it neutral to make it easier to layer my outfit. For example: under shirts, camisoles, cardigans/sweaters. A few of my favorite neutral colors are: white, ivory, oat, gray, black, olive, navy, nude, and blush.

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I maintained my hair and nails regularly.

I swear having well-groomed hair and neat nails completes my whole look. I’m not saying I splurge hundreds of dollars on hair and nails because the Lord knows I don’t. Instead I make sure that my hair is done and my nails are trimmed and neat. That way even if I’m not dressed up I still feel presentable.

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I dressed for the appropriate season/occasion.

My mom has a horrible picture of me when I’m like 11 years old and I’m wearing a Christmas sweater decked in candy canes paired some shorts.  Even as I write this I’m very aware that Christmas sweater and shorts shouldn’t even be in the same sentence but sadly this is exactly what I chose to wear for a family photo.  Anyways like I said before I got smart and I don’t dress that way anymore although I could totally see my 8 year old doing the same thing.  Trust me; it’s definitely better to dress for the appropriate season/occasion.

Sharing all the ways I up my casual style with you was a lot of fun but a lady can never have too many tricks up her sleeve so if you have any ideas on how to keep things fresh and casual I’d love to hear them❣

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