At Home Date Night Ideas

Not only is it important to spend time alone with the love of your life, it’s also a lot of fun. Date night is a great way to get away from the madness of life just to be together. Now that we’re all staying home a lot more I’ve gotten creative with our at home date night ideas. Here are few of my favorites.

Watch throwback movies from your childhood.  

My husband and I love remembering how great the movies were “back in the days”. Movies like: The Karate Kid “Daniel son”, The Sandlot “Your killing me smalls!” and Terminator “I’ll be back.” Oh and who could forget Back To the Future “Hello? Anybody in there?” I love me some 1980s and 90s movies.  We pop popcorn, order pizza and binge on these classic movies. I love it! Pass me the Twizzlers.

Cook something new together.

Like I’ve said before, I don’t love cooking but I don’t mind being the sous chef. My husband usually lets me pick the recipe and shop for the ingredients. I do all of the prepping and chopping while he does the seasoning and cooking part. We chat and listen to music while we work and it actually turns into a good time, especially when it’s time to eat our new creation. We sit down and critique the meal together, ratings and all. A 10 being the best 😋meaning it was a restaurant quality meal so let’s eat seconds! And 1 being the worst meaning it nourished our bodies but tortured our taste buds so let’s never make it again.😝

Share a candle light massage.

 This one is sooo relaxing. I like to use my favorite essential oils and a few tea lights. I add some low music then we take turns giving each other a nice long massage.

Take a walk around town

Our city has a quaint downtown area. We like walking around and window shopping while we eat an ice cream (gotta have the ice cream). In between the popular restaurants we’ve discovered lovely boutiques, cozy mom and pop shops and a delicious bread bakery.

Have dinner outdoors at a place with a view.  

You can order some food To-Go and eat it al fresco. Pick a place with a view and admire your surroundings while you enjoy your dinner. The beach is always nice. Somewhere with a view of the city would be ideal wouldn’t it? I’ve never had a picnic dinner with a view of the city but I think it would be romantic.

Dance together to your favorite music.

When were in our 20s and before we had a kid my husband and I loved going out to dance. Now that we don’t go out as much we just move the living room furniture out of the way, blast the salsa music and dance.  We get tired faster now than we did a decade ago but it’s still just as much fun.

Have a siesta together.

 This last one is not really a date but I thought I’d include it anyway. My husband leaves for work at 5 a.m. every morning. On the weekends my daughter rises early and wedges herself between us. All that to say that we don’t always have the time to just spoon or cuddle in bed so when we find we have a quiet Saturday afternoon alone we like to slip into bed and just embrace each other and talk… or not talk. It’s a sweet part of the day.

Now let’ be real, most of the time our weekends are filled with boring to do’s like laundry, cleaning and running errands but when we do get sometime to ourselves we try to make the most of it. I use to think a date night had to be at a restaurant or attending some special event but it turns out all we really had to do was take the time to enjoy each other’s company. Who knew? If you have any fun at home date night ideas I’d love to hear from you. 🤗

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