How to Be a Gracious Host and Why It’s Worth the Effort

I remember hosting some pretty terrible parties and thinking “This is the last time I invite anyone over ever again.”😒 Then some time would go by and I’d forget how bad it was and host another terrible party. It wasnt until I thought about why I even bothered throwing parties or hosting dinners that I was finally able to have a really good party hosting experience. I finally figured out that welcoming guests into my home had to be more than a frivolous attempt to impress other people.

Hosting a dinner party is about opening up your home, sharing your table and giving of your self to others. Hosting well is letting your guest know that you’re happy they‘re present and that you cherish their company but it’s not always an easy thing to do. In fact, one of the top reasons people don’t like to host dinner parties is because they think it’s too much work. The pressure for things to be perfect is too stressful and as a result they hardly invite people over. Learning how to be a gracious host will allow you and your guests to have a great time together, build bonds and have lasting memories. Here are some easy guidelines to help take some of the pressure off so you can start inviting people over again.

Create a timeline and be prepared.

3-4 weeks out– Prepare your guest list and send out your invitations. (Via text or or email are fine if that’s how you roll.)

2 weeks out– Acquire party supplies and decorations.

7-10 days out– Send a reminder to guest and confirm their attendance.

7 days out– Create the menu and buy nonperishable ingredients. Now is also a good time to clean anything that needs a deep clean.

3 days out- Buy perishable ingredients and any forgotten items

The day before– Buy fresh flowers, candles and pick out your music playlist to create a good ambiance. Also, clean the bathroom and kitchen thoroughly. And don’t forget to pick out your outfit.

Don’t neglect personal preparation.

Get a good night’s sleep.

Rise early. Now is the time to tie any loose ends.

Take a little time to look your best. It’s a great boost of confidence especially when your guests want to take a few selfies and create great memories.

Remember that your guests are most important.

Be sure to greet your guest at the door. Offer to take their handbags and coats.

Introduce them to your other guests if they don’t already know each other.

Be aware of personality differences. Try pairing people with common interest together. If you have a loner in the group you can invite them to assist you.

Take the time to engage with each guest. Have fun, relax and converse with them. Working all night and constantly fluttering around your guests will only add to any discomfort there might be and can create anxiety. Remember, it’s not so much about the décor or the presentation. It’s about how you make your guest feel. Push for warmth not perfection.🤗


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