6 Easy Self-Care Habits You Can Start Doing Today

1. Take Luke Warm Showers

Listen, I know there’s no better way to wash away the stress of a long day than in a steaming hot shower, but taking cool showers has many benefits. Keeping the shower dial on C can actually improve alertness and blood circulation. Unlike hot showers, it won’t dry out your skin. As a result your skin and hair with be healthier.

2. Wash Your Face Less Often

If you prevent over washing you can retain moisture and cause less irritations. Consider washing and moisturizing your face in the evenings and cleansing with plain water the next morning.

3. Get your beauty sleep

Sleep is extremely important. 7+ hours aids in the rejuvenation of your cells, muscles, and brain function. It helps to sharpen your memories and improves problem solving and decision making skills. Another thing that your brain does while you sleep is process your emotions. I think we can all agree mama needs her sleep.

4. Nourish Your Self

Making a habit of eating fruit and vegetables with every meal is everything. Fruits & vegetables are packed with essential vitamins and minerals our body needs. They are also high in fiber and provide a wide range of antioxidants. As if that were not enough, fruits and vegetables can even reduce the risk of developing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, digestive problems and inflammation. Carrot anyone?

5. Hydrate and Hydrate Some More

I know we already know the benefits of drinking water but thankfully water isn’t the only way to hydrate our bodies. Cucumber, watermelon, strawberries and celery are all over 90% water. Delicious and refreshing hydration. Yes, please!

6. Move Your Body

You don’t need to join a gym to keep your body healthy and strong or to improve your overall health. For instance, you can burn between 150 to 200 calories just by rocking out in your living for 30 minutes. So dance, walk, swim, garden, ride your bike or power clean. Just pick whatever you like and move it lady!

There you have it, 6 easy self-care habits to help you start or improve your self-care routine. This list was intentionally created to be as doable as possible because ain’t nobody got time to add more things to their already busy schedules. You can totally start with one new habit then slowly add more if you’d like. Your body will thank you for it.

Be Blessed!

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