Eliminating the Entryway Dumping Ground

You get home exhausted after a long hard day. Then you fling your shoes across the room and swear you’ll never where them again. You proceed to dump your purse, keys, phone, lunch bag, groceries or whatever else you might have lugged out of your car on to the nearest chair. I know because I’ve been there. Thankfully, creating a functional front entry can help you take a load off.

  1. Identify your needs. Every home has different needs. Do you share your home with 5 other people or do you live alone? Is your entry large and spacious or small and tight? Does your entry have a coat closet or will you need a coat rack? Answering these types of questions will be key to how functional you entryway will be.
  2. Have an entry table or a shelf with hooks. Having a place where you can put your keys, mail, and cell phones will be most effective. The hooks will come in handy for purses, hats or umbrellas if you lack space.
  3. Add a mirror. A mirror is both functional and stylish. It can be any shape and color that best matches the style and personality of your home. Mirrors are great for that last look at yourself before you dash out the door.
  4. Consider adding a bench/shoe storage. Depending on the amount of space you have a bench or other type of shoe storage will prevent unsightly shoe piles from crowding your front door. Many benches also come with shoe storage underneath and they’re great for taking shoes on and off.

I hope these tips will make your coming and going a breeze. Take care and be safe out there!

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