Look Great in 15 Minutes or Less

Have you ever wished you could be like the Genie or Samantha from the old t.v. series Bewitched? With just a blink of your eyes or a twitch of your nose you could attain whatever results your heart desires. I know I have, but since mama can’t roll like that I’ve come up with my own clever time hacks on how to look great within the snap of a finger.

So whether your running late for work or you have to jump on a zoom call at home here are 3 tried and true tips on how to you can pull off a great look in no time.

  1. Master the 5 Minute Make Up Routine. There are so many 5 minute make up tips out there it’ll make your head spin but take the time to customize to you liking. What do you want to accentuate/conceal? For example, my 5 minute make up routine is: apply the base (powder, foundation, BB cream). Conceal (dark circles and blemishes). Frame the face (eye brows). Add a quick swipe of black mascara, and tinted lip gloss and boom I’m done.
  2. Have a neutral wrinkle free outfit ready to go in your closet specifically for the unexpected. In Spanish we affectionately call it our “quita y pon”. It means take off, put on, repeat. It’s that blouse you always get compliments on. The one in the perfect shade for your complexion. Girl, you know, the blouse that is so forgiving on those “I’m feeling fat” days. That’s the one!

Now I will warn you that I’m no beauty expert. Not even close. In fact beauty experts will probably tell you not to do this but who cares? It works!

Here’s my final and most effective tip:

3. Fake the freshness. Whenever your hair needs a really good wash and there is no dry shampoo on earth to make it look “fresh” simply grab the very front part of your hair and part it from the rest. Then add some conditioner to it and give it a quick cool rinse in the sink. Finally blow dry it for about 3 minutes. Style as desired and voilĂ  “fresh” as a daisy.

Okay so those are my best tips on how to get ready in a pinch. I hope you try them out and let me know in the comments if you have any helpful tips on how to speed up a great look. Have a great weekend!

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