Homeschooling Survival Do’s For Parents

I’ve been a homeschooling mom for 4 years now and I’d be lying if I said being my child’s teacher is a piece of cake. The first year was the hardest because I’d never done it before and I didn’t even know anyone who was homeschooling their kids. Even now it’s hard to find others who encourage and support homeschooling but if you find yourself having to teach your child for the first time my advice to you is breathe. You can do this. You’ve got this! Here are some homeschooling survival Do’s from someone who’s been there too.  Are you ready? Here we go! 

Do Embrace your child’s learning style. Every child learns differently and every child has his/her own strengths and weaknesses just like we do. Some learn by seeing while others are great listeners and many if not most are very much hands on learners. 

Do what works for your family. Don’t feel obligated to make it like “regular” school. This is truly my own opinion because I know some homeschoolers have a dedicated homeschool room but I prefer for homeschool to look like…well… home. We don’t have a class room we have a dining room table and a computer desk where she does all her writing, crafting, researching etc. Her reading nook is her bed or the sofa.  

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Do have a routing/schedule. Kids learn by repetition and they really do need structure so having a routine at least from morning until noon will be very helpful. Even if it all unravels after that. 

Do keep things interesting with sensory projects, exploration and mistakes. Allowing them to explore and make mistakes is a great way for them to learn and retain what they have learned. 

Do read a lot.  If you have little ones who can’t read or beginning readers you can read to them. For older kids also encourage independent reading. 

Do have patience. Kids can be very fidgety and it may seem like they’re not listening but they usually are. You’d be surprised how much they can retain while they’re picking their nose and humming Christmas songs. Just kidding! Kind of… 

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Anyways that brings me to my last piece of advice.  Do have fun. Please have fun. You know as well as I do how special kids are. Their ignorance and curiosity will diminish as they get older so laugh it off and enjoy your kids. 

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