Kindness Is The New Black

If there’s something good that has come from social distancing and lockdowns it’s the resilience and kindness of the human spirit. I can’t remember the last time I heard so much uplifting news at one time. 

 There are some amazing acts of kindness going on around the world right now. People are finding creative ways to live, work and learn together. There are brave doctors and nurses who are working tirelessly with limited resources to care for others. There are rooftop fitness instructors and balcony serenades in Europe. Elderly customers been given special shopping hours and free food delivery in parts of the U.S. Likewise, there are wedding engagements and newborn babies being seen for the for the first time through bedroom windows proving that life hasn’t stopped.  

This is good stuff you guys. This is exactly what we should be doing. Helping each other in a time of need. Coming together albeit at a distance to remind each other that we are not alone.  

I know that the coronavirus has disrupted many lives and I wish will all my heart that it never happened but, if there’s a dark cloud around you better believe I’m going to seek out the silver lining.  


The way we treat each other proves how a little compassion, love and kindness can go a very long way.  We’ll get through this and we’ll be stronger and, hopefully, kinder people because of it. 

Stay well and be blessed. 

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