Bored at Home? Here’s A List of Things to Do to Unleash Your Creative Juices

I think most of us can agree there is only so much social media and binge watching we can take before we start feeling a bit stir crazy from being stuck at home with nothing to do. I’ve created a list of things that will actually bring out your creative side. Who knows you may even discover some hidden talent you didn’t even know you had! I hope this list helps in keeping the human spirit alive as we all trudge through this coronavirus pandemic together.  

Embrace DIY projects. Do it yourself projects can range from very large projects like remodeling a kitchen to very small projects like knitting coasters. The possibilities are endless. 

Become an avid reader.  Choose books on genres or topics that interest you or get recommendations from book lists. 

Write your heart out. Writing can be a very therapeutic experience. There are many journaling groups you can join and if that’s not your thing you can start a blog. You can also write a biography about yourself or a family member. Or why not create the next best-selling novel? 

Take up gardening. You don’t have to have a lot of yard space, tools or experience to begin gardening. All you need it some soil, seeds, plants, flowers and water. Being outside in the sunshine and fresh air will also help clear your head and promote relaxation. 

Rearrange your furniture or home décor. Sometimes looking at the same things inside of four walls can only add to the boredom. By rearranging your furniture and changing accessories here and there your home can feel like a whole different space. Change is good my friend! 

Enhance your culinary skills. I’ll admit that cooking is not something I personally enjoy but my husband loves it. He watches cooking shows, or buy cook books just for fun. He’s an amazing cook and keeps on getting better. You can experiment in the kitchen with different herbs and spices and make your own unique dishes or desserts. 

Get outdoors.  There’s something about being outside that just melts away anxiety and stress. The sound of birds, the morning or evening breeze, and nature in general can help ease your mind. Have an al fresco meal!

Take a class online or learn a new skill. Challenging your brain and becoming proficient on a new subject is a win- win for you. You can take design classes, sculpting classes, coding classes, cooking classes etc. The world is your oyster. 

Photo by Startup Stock Photos

Connect with family and friends. Okay so maybe connecting with others is not a creative activity but it is very important. Let’s let our loved ones know how much we love them and encourage each other in this difficult time.  

I pray that you are in good health that “the peace of GOD that surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” Ph.4:7 


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