Christians On The Threshing Floor

In ancient times the threshing floor was used to separate the grain from the chaff. The way it worked was that the grain was brought on to the threshing floor to be thrashed or beaten until the grain fell on the floor. Then the farmers would toss the grain into the air so that the chaff was blown away by the wind.  Because the grain was heavier it remained on the threshing floor and because the chaff was light it was blown away by the wind. 

As Christians the world is like our threshing floor. It is where we can get “beaten or crushed” because of who and what we believe in. It is on the threshing floor that our values and morals separate us from the rest. It is on the threshing floor that we are tested. Will we stand up for truth or will we waiver? Will we love GOD with all our hearts, soul and mind? Will we love others as we love ourselves?  Will we be blown away like chaff in the wind or will we remain on the threshing floor like the grain? My hope is that we, as Christians, are people of substance and weight. Even in the midst of trouble we will remain. 

…because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame… Romans 5: 3-5 

May you be blessed! 

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