How To Love Your Man Well

My husband and I don’t usually “celebrate” Valentine’s Day. Here’s why.  We’ve been married for 17 years and sadly I can’t think of one good Valentine’s Day memory. Can you believe it? It’s true. I’ll spare you the details but the memories I do have range from eating left overs, having the flu and more bad restaurant experiences than I can even count. So, if you’re looking good Valentine’s Day ideas um…I can’t really help you out. 

But that being said I do have some tips on how to love your man really well. Now before I list them out, I have to say that no one knows your strapping hunk of man as well as you do. These are just tips that have worked for my own benefit as well as his.  

 Respect him.  

I don’t mean that you’re at his beck and call. I’m not saying never express your opinions or disagree. But the closer we are to someone the easier it is to forget that everyone needs respect. Build him up instead of put him down.  

Care about what he cares about 

 If you’re not into sports that’s fine but let him sit in front the TV for a few hours with a platter of chicken wings. Maybe you can sit down with him and holler at the players if that’s what makes him happy. If he’s been eyeing those new sneakers or whatever maybe you can surprise him with them. 


  Most men can be very reserved about their feelings and for some, talking is completely out of the question but if he does open up, take the time to really listen. You may think you’ve heard it all before but he’s changing just as much as you are so he may surprise if given the chance. 

Stop Nagging 

Having to hear someone criticize you about every little thing you’ve done wrong can be very taxing. In my opinion it’s one of the main things that draws a person away from you. Instead send good vibes his way. 


Okay so he messed up in one way or another and now it’s hard for you to forget about it. Perhaps, you won’t admit it but you still resent him. Girl, believe me this can be a struggle. But it is healing for you and grace for him if you truly forgive him. 

And last but definitely not least. Make Love! 

Making love (which is my favorite way to refer to sex) involves both the mind and body. Giving all of yourself to your husband is one of the best ways to show him how much you love and appreciate him. So, bring out the candles, wear the red lipstick and slink into some lingerie. I promise he will be one happy camper!

I have found the one whom my souls loves. Songs 0f Solomon 3:4

If you have any good Valentine’s Day or Love tips, I’d love to read them in comments. 


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