Easy Tips For Decluttering Physically & Mentally

Get to it! Don’t think too much about it, or stand around wishing things were organized because that’s not going to change anything. Don’t waste time buying all kinds of baskets and organizing bins because by the time you’re done shopping you’ve already wasted several hours of your day just “getting ready”. Trust me you can do this without fancy baskets.

First do a brain dump. Yup, it’s a thing.  Gather all the mental notes and yellow stickies you have around your desk, in your phone and don’t forget that stack of mail that’s been taunting for the past few days. Now you can sit down, play some music and take 30 minutes to jot them all in one place, specifically a planner. Now is also a good time to make a list of the things you need to do or phone calls that need to be made in order of importance.

The next thing you can do is go around the house with a basket/box and pick up everything that doesn’t belong in that particular room and put it in that basket/box. Do this in every single room. Then return everything to its place. Try not to get distracted here! Don’t clean, dust, or vacuum anything just put things where they belong.

Finally, take note of anything that doesn’t have a place decide whether you want to keep, donate, or trash it. When I do this I try not to think much about the item.  I’m pretty ruthless at this point but it’s probably just my personality. I’m not too attached to material things but if you’re having trouble letting go it’s really okay just find a place for it and make note to revisit those items by the end of the week and make a decision. As some say “clutter are simply postponed decisions” but you got this!

Now I’d like to address the worst kind of clutter of all: Mental Clutter

You know those thoughts that crowd your bed at night or sit as uninvited passengers in your car on your way to work. Those thoughts of fear, anxiety, doubt, and confusion are way worse than overflowing drawers or stacks of mail. I know you may feel overwhelmed but don’t let those negative thoughts trap you or keep you from enjoying your days.

Here are the top things that help me declutter mentally

Stay positive. I pray before my feet ever hit the floor and I intentionally avoid all text, email, and news feeds because I know that there will always be something to distract me or maybe even upset me. So before I have to step into my day, prayer and a time of reading God’s word are non-negotiables. You are in charge of your life. You are in control. If there is one thing you shouldn’t be passive about it’s your relationship with God. I learned a long time ago that I don’t pray or read God’s word as a way to be “good”. Nope I do it because I need him. With all that life can throws my way I’d be crazy not to approach everyday with intent and awareness of the enemies schemes to take a way my joy and peace of mind. NO sir not today Satan, not any day.

Talk positive. This is actually the one I struggle with the most because I use to be a very critical person. I was my own worst enemy. I was insecure and nothing I ever did was good enough but I made up my mind a few years ago that all those thoughts were lies from the pit of hell and I wasn’t going to believe them anymore. I began self-talking positive truths into my life. I quoted scriptures like “There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus”(Rom. 8:1) and “I can do all things to Christ which strengthens me.” (Phil. 4:13) I am the daughter of the most high God because he chose me and he loves me.

So the next time you get up in the morning remember and act on these things. You are supposed to live an abundant life and as Maya Angelou once said “Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told: I’m with you kid. Let’s go!”

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